Respawning System

After death players enter a death stage where their avatar is being regenerated. For avatars this time would be 12 hours.

After 12 hours the players will select a location where they can spawn. Since it is not feasible (and too advantageous) to show the complete map. We will instead offer the player several locations to be selected.

Currently, five options will be available. These will be determined randomly but following certain criteria.

The spawn points will be shown in cards, with information regarding how many allies and enemies are in that vicinity (ally and enemy count up to 3 tiles away). First option will be a place near their last death point. This point will be determined by selecting randomly from the closest available tiles from the avatar's last death point.

The second, third, and fourth options will be random points around the faction's controlled territory. They will generally be close to the border but not directly on the border (ideal tiles are 3 away from the nearest enemy territory)

The fifth option is unlocked when a player joins a clan. These tiles will be the closest available tile slot to one of the clan members.

There will be a precedence system here. Precedence is the following

● Closest to the clan leader

● Closest to a tile where there is more than 1 clan member

● Closest to a tile where there is a clan member.

If there are no clan members available or the player is not in a clan, then this option will be greyed out.

Each spawn card will show a small minimap (3 tile range where the spawn location is at the center) with information regarding territory control and a number of enemies and allies on each tile.

Also hovering over tiles will show the general location of the player in a simplified 3D world map. Speeding Up Respawn It will be possible to buy resurrecting stones from the market for instant respawning.

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