Reforging Avatars

There is no breeding mechanic in GHive, where players mint new, additional NFTs from their old ones to create NFTs with higher rarities.

In GHive, there is a similar mechanic called reforging, this allows players to use their NFTs to create a new NFT.

● Reforging does not increase the number of NFTs

● It allows customization of the NFT characters.

Each 0 tier avatar in GHive has an aspect which are hidden from the player until that avatar is max level (level 10). When an avatar reaches level 10, its hidden aspect(s) are revealed. These form the requirements of the character upgrade.

If an avatar has all of its aspect slots equipped with β€œthe correct attribute, then the avatar can be reforged.

Reforging destroys the aspects and the avatar and mints a new avatar where the base equipment is the used equipment.

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