Upgrading Equipments

In addition to their rarity, equipments have a quality rank which can go upto infinity. Quality rank can be increased by combining an equipment with resources. This is called upgrading. This would increase the quality of the equipment.

Equipment quality does not affect the primary bonus of the equipment.

● Consumes an equipment and resources to produce the same type of equipment with 1 higher quality rank.

● Upgrade actions can fail, causing the resources used to be lost in the process.

● Quality increases the experience gain modifier of the equipped avatar.

● Each quality rank provides an experience gain bonus rate of 5%

Equipment Type

Base Resource Required

Resource Scaling


100 Metal 25 Crystal 3 Upgrade Tokens

1.1x per quality rank E.g. 121 Aluminium 3 Upgrade Tokens for

Upgrading head equipment from Rank 2 to Rank 3


300 Metal 50 Crystal 5 Upgrade Tokens


100 Metal

3 Upgrade Tokens


150 Metal 50 Crystal 10 Upgrade Tokens

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