Faction Based Diplomacy

There are two mechanics which makes the faction system meaningful beyond the rewards and incentives it provides.

First one is the diplomacy and intrigue system where players and clans can betray their factions and clans.

Each faction will consist of clans from their faction. However, each faction will have the capacity to have clans belonging to different factions. These will be defector clans and will be limited to 20 per faction. (Each clan will have a capacity of ~20) so a maximum of 400 people can defect.

Defection will be made as a “transaction” where a certain clan member can be offered a defection by the faction leader for a certain reward. The reward can be tokens, resources or faction shares. When a clan defects, they automatically lose all of their old factions “shares” and will not be able earn dividends from them.

After defecting, a clan may not defect for a week. Clans which are defected cannot be kicked or get rid of by the leader. Instead, they must defect to another faction. Choose your allies carefully.

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