Mercenary Sub-Game

● Mercenaries will be able to train themselves daily to get stronger. Training will cost them resources.

● Mercenaries can slot themselves into one of the empty avatars. The slot they choose can be changed at any time for a small number of resources.

● Mercenaries can then fight in “skirmishes” against neighboring enemy tiles. Attacks on neighboring tiles will be able to kill enemy “mercenaries” with certain probabilities. If there are no mercenaries left in the enemy territory, the mercenaries will attack directly onto enemy avatars and will be able to damage them. The combat for mercenaries will be detailed further in the future.

● When all avatars in a zone are dead, the “general” avatars will move into the tile. If multiple factions are attacking the same zone, the general with the highest “move” stat will take precedence.

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