Rarity Levels

Starting with Genesis Humanoid, the foundation of the GainHive community, you will play an active role in shaping the future of the project while earning passive income from day one. By holding a Genesis Humanoid NFT, individuals will be able to generate passive income and have the opportunity to upgrade to higher rarity levels. The second rarity level, Silver Humanoid, is a medium rarity class that can only be developed from Genesis NFTs. Silver Humanoid holders will have the ability to generate higher passive income compared to Genesis Humanoid holders and will be able to rise to this level through their contributions to the project and recognition on social media. The Golden Humanoid, the 3rd stage of the upgrade tree, is where the real excitement begins. Golden Humanoid holders become a real member of the project team and will also receive a certain portion of team tokens. This level offers a unique opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process of the project and receive rewards for your contributions. But that's not all! The rarest of the rare, the Chosen Insignia, is limited to only 6 pieces and provides its owners with the opportunity to earn a salary from GainHive and reach the rarest features (The Chosen Hero) in the game. The Chosen Insignia can only be accessed by upgrading from a lower rarity level and will not be in the minting process.

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