Action and Energy System

A short breakdown of all actions are listed below. Please note that each action detail might be explained in a later section of the document.

In GainHive, there are several actions players can choose from. Actions in GHive are generally chance-based to allow players from all levels of play (and all levels of entry) to have varying chances of success in the game.


● Moving is immediate and gives 1 min immunity.

● Moving between hexes costs 1 energy, all characters can move 1 hex.

○ Characters with higher move stats will regenerate energy faster.

○ Hiding Customer segmentation.

■ Slower avatars have less energy (they can do fewer things in a day, BUT they have longer “hidden” states.

■ For example, ENG 1 character generates 10 energy a day but can stay “hidden” for 20 hours in a day.

■ A ENG 5 character on the other hand generates 50 energy a day but can stay hidden 12 hours a day.

■ A ENG 10 (max) generates 100 energy and can stay hidden 6 hours a day.

○ Customers can buy their appropriate level of activity through different avatars to fulfill their desired gameplay time.


○ If you are not currently immune through an effect for 5 minutes, you can trigger a “hidden” stance. When you are hidden you cannot be attacked by other enemies. If the hex you are on is lost to the enemy. You must choose a new “teleport” point in your faction’s owned settlements.


Stashing is to transfer inventory to a safe wallet.

● Stashing is immediate but is 10% of your vault when near enemies. Stashing gives you 1 min of immunity.

● You can stash 1 time per day.

● There can be items that allow you to stash multiple times a day.

● You cannot stash while you are “hidden”.

● If you stash while you are away from enemies by 5 hexes away, you instead stash 100% of your items.


● Mining should be immediate and should drop based on chance.

● Mining lowers the resources in a hex and gives them to the avatar inventory. It can be repeated as long as energy is left for the players.

● Mining will work as it is pulling a slot machine or opening a loot box. However, it will depend on strategic factors such as

○ What currently exists in this hexagon and its vicinity

○ What is the mining skill of the avatar

○ Does the avatar use any “mining” enhancing items.


● Attacking will be immediate. Dueling gives you and your target 1 min of immunity.

● Attacking does cost 1 energy. Defending

Defending against attacks is not an action, but rather a consequence of enemy actions. If you defend against enemy attacks, you will gain “influence” points which you can spend to buy specific items from the faction market.


● “Adventuring” is a way to provide PvE content. It is spending energy and gaining in-game non-token currencies (sometimes can be awarded tokens, no chance to die however can be performed in “mined” places. It uses combat stats instead of mining stats. Items gained through adventuring go to the safe wallet.

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